DM Cultural Services has grown to cover a wide range of services tailored to reflect our clients' needs throughout British Columbia and NWT.

Our team of professionals have done extensive work offering consultation and mediation services and expert advice in economic development and capacity building through strategic partnerships and negotiations. Our community-based approach has allowed us to help our clients expand and develop their skills and strengthen roles as stewards of their traditional territories, while improving the relationships with the industry or governments involved.

We believe that value is created for both First Nations and industry when tailored negotiation and agreement structures are put in place.  We specialize in effective engagement for all parties in the consultation process, and have proven success in developing and executing partnership agreements to deliver benefit to First Nation communities and the businesses involved.

We are a relationship-based company committed to working with First Nations to build strong and prosperous communities for generations to come.

Picture of Rob Diaz

Rob Diaz | Principal

Robert Diaz Has worked with many First Nation communities across British Columbia and North West Territories for over 20 years. Initially with a focus on Traditional Land Use Studies and impact benefit agreements, Rob developed an intimate knowledge and understanding for the communities he works with. His commitment is indicative of the many long lasting relationships that he has with the Nations that he represents.

His fair and principled approach in consultation and negotiation has garnered much respect from the communities he serves as well as from industry or governments involved. He is widely known for his work in treaty, consultation management, and economic development projects. Rob has been involved in negotiations regarding several major project developments, as well as developing innovative partnerships with contract values of over $500 million.

Rob's focus continues to be a commitment to working with First Nations in creating effective and sustainable relationships. This focus, coupled with his extensive experience, is why Rob Diaz is widely recognized as a leader in finding innovative solutions to issues concerning the relationship between First Nations, government and industry.