DM Cultural Services Ltd is a specialized advisory firm committed to enhancing the relationship between First Nations, government and industry through in-depth consultation and resolution strategies.

Our team of research professionals and advisors specialize in a community-based approach to assist First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples in BC and NWT resolve conflicts and form constructive relationships with industry and governments. We have extensive experience in identifying key areas of focus to create healthy, effective and sustainable solutions. Specializing in developing partnership agreements and negotiation facilitation, our approach supports communities in developing their economic development, community engagement and capacity through consultation and strategic planning. We are a recognized leader in building successful relationships between governments, industry, and First Nation communities. We are committed to creating tailored strategies and positive outcomes.

With over 20 years of experience, our clients receive multi-faceted strategic approaches to the issues faced by Aboriginal communities. We have the expertise to provide advancement in:

  • Conflict resolution and agreement building
  • Negotiation and implementation of Treaties
  • Revenue sharing agreements
  • Specific Claims and Treaty Land Entitlements


We have proven success in all areas of representation for the unique needs of First Nation communities. Our past successes have lead to increased capacity in economic development and self governance for the Nations that we serve, and have developed positive and sustainable relationships with the industries or governments involved.